Pacific Resolutions’ forte is mediation and facilitation of constructive and innovative solutions to seemingly intractable issues. Our systematic and structured approach proceeds through a sequence of critical steps that move all parties from determination of whether constructive problem solving is appropriate and feasible to implement a mutually beneficial result. 

Pacific Resolutions has decades of experience in developing and executing negotiation strategies. We have successfully supported negotiation processes agreements in many different places and contexts. One of the reasons for our record of success has been our holistic approach to negotiation, which borrows from many different theories and traditions. From North American interest-based negotiation to the wisdom of Sun Tzu, our team of experts can draw on theories across the spectrum of negotiation theory and from around the globe as they work with you to develop and execute the right negotiation strategy for your situation of conflict.

The development of effective governance models and institutions internationally is more than an exciting challenge - it's an enormous responsibility. We have found that the key to getting these delicate projects right is clear and strategic communication from the outset. We at Pacific Resolutions have been fortunate to use our legal and governmental know-how as well as our communication and mediation skills to help developing nations create institutions that work. 

Training and capacity building is a cornerstone of conflict transformation and creative development. Pacific Resolutions has delivered tailor-made training programs in conflict management, negotiation, mediation, facilitation, strategic planning and partnership development all over the world. The record of evaluation of these programs is a powerful testimony to their value.

Strategic planning and adaptive management are how organizations address the challenges that they can foresee and respond to the surprises and uncertainties that can undermine their success. Whether it is a single organization or multiple adversaries, strategic planning is a critical part of transforming conflict and adversity into opportunity and solutions. Pacific Resolutions specializes in helping parties to see old problems in new ways; transforming barriers into stepping stones.

Information is a cornerstone of effective and innovative problem-solving. In adversarial circumstances, information is often both the subject of disagreement and a tool used by parties to advance their interests at the expense of another. Developing a common information base can be a powerful means of transforming conflict into collaboration. Information that has been developed collaboratively by parties to conflict takes away their ability to focus discussion on the source of information and whether it is credible or reliable and compels them to spend their time together talking about the substantive issues in dispute. Pacific Resolutions specializes in helping adversaries develop common information resources that they can understand and trust.

North American businesses are increasingly facing competitive pressures as a result of global competition. Senior management time is a scarce and costly resource, placing a premium on ensuring that meetings take place in both an efficient and effective manner. This refers to both meetings internal to organizations as well as meetings involving individuals from multiple organizations. Senior executives need focused discussion that produces results in a timely manner. Pacific Resolutions knows how to deliver an effective executive meeting.​