Workplace Relations

In many workplaces, there is often conflict between departments, work units and or teams. When conflict within a workplace is unmanaged a number of consequences can result, such as reduced productivity, low morale, a divided team, and high staff turnover.

Pacific Resolutions has experience in facilitating the resolution of workplace conflicts. We offer: 

  • Capacity building with the parties independently and collectively to better enable them to pursue a constructive resolution to their differences;
  • Mediation and facilitation of discussions between management, contract staff, and labour;
  • Development of more efficient/cooperative management approaches and decision-making models.

Example: Whitehorse Mining Initiative - Workforce/Workplace and Community Issue Group

Retained by the Whitehorse Mining Initiative to provide strategic and process advice regarding the development and implementation of a national mining strategy and to provide mediation and facilitation services. This work included chairing and facilitating meetings of the Workforce/Workplace and Community Issue Group, a team that focused on improving the interface between the workforce of the mining industry with the communities directly affected by mining activity.