Wildlife Management

Wildlife is often negatively affected by human development and the ecosystem changes that result from development. The consequences include habitat destruction, species decline, loss of biodiversity and extinction. While attention is usually focused on a single species, a broader ecosystem approach is often required. This approach often reveals positive linkages to ecosystem services that benefit human communities as well.

Pacific Resolutions facilitates collaborative processes between different wildlife users to assist them in finding sustainable solutions that maintain wildlife populations and species. These initiatives may be oriented towards the recovery of a species that is at risk or endangered or they may focus on entire ecosystems that provide habitat to many species of wildlife.

Example: British Columbia Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) - 2014-Present

Pacific Resolutions has been retained to facilitate this joint effort by the Province of British Columbia, industry, and First Nations to develop opportunities for new environmental stewardship projects associated with natural resource and infrastructure development in Northern British Columbia. Key priorities for the ESI include ecosystem assessment and monitoring, ecosystem restoration and enhancement, ecosystem knowledge exchange, and stewardship education and training.