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Chanda Hunnie

Chanda brings 10 years of project leadership experience in natural resource management involving multidisciplinary collaboration.  


As Coordinator, then Director of Operations for the Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Chanda guided the organization's activities in province-wide boreal conservation campaigns emphasizing stakeholder consensus. Conducting community outreach, fiscal management, and communications, her work was instrumental to the successful creation of both Fisher Bay and Little Limestone Lake Provincial Parks. Under the auspices of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, Chanda was responsible for guiding the direction of consensus-based actions for caribou recovery and protected areas planning that balanced a sustainable fibre supply among forest companies and environmental non-governmental groups in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. She currently facilitates First Nations and a forest company in Northwestern Alberta in the exploration and pursuit of a new relationship including the development of a Stewardship Plan in collaboration with environmental organizations. Chanda also assists regional collaborations between the Province of British Columbia and First Nations intended to address First Nations' long-standing concerns with cumulative impacts in their traditional territories. 

Chanda lives in the beautiful Canadian Shield in the Treaty No. 3 lands of Northwestern Ontario. 

Robyn Jacobsen

Robyn Jacobsen has over 10 years' experience acting as a facilitator, planner, advisor, strategist and project manager for a wide range of collaborative dialogues.

Her passion for meaningful stakeholder and community engagement has grown since she joined the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) in 2008. During her 8 years in this role, Robyn convened and facilitated stakeholders with multiple perspectives to develop innovative and collaborative solutions to Alberta’s air quality issues. Since then, Robyn has had a diverse range of opportunities to create and lead processes that foster collaboration and use the energy and intelligence of the community to solve problems.


Prior to joining Pacific Resolutions, Robyn worked for the Department of Agriculture and Forestry with the Alberta government where she used her expert knowledge of engagement and consultation to lead high-level stakeholder engagement initiatives with both internal and external stakeholders.


Robyn recently completed her master’s in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University. Her studies have given her a solid foundation in holistic, systemic,  cross-cultural approaches for bringing people with multiple perspectives together.

Andrew Komlodi

Andrew is a facilitator, project coordinator, and contract manager with experience supporting collaborative planning and decision-making processes. He regularly applies this expertise to help Pacific Resolutions clients identify and understand interests, build meaningful relationships and achieve common goals.


Andrew has always had a passion for negotiation, leadership, and governance. Driven to develop skills and expertise in these fields, he obtained a Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria following a double-major in Political Science and Philosophy from Dalhousie University. His Master’s thesis analyzed guarantee mechanisms in the context of transboundary natural resource agreements and involved working with Pacific Resolutions in support of Central Asian states’ efforts to negotiate an international hydro agreement. Prior to joining Pacific Resolutions, Andrew worked in the offices of government ministers in Ottawa and Victoria. 


When he's not at work, you can usually find Andrew on the golf course or at the curling rink. If he's on the ice, he'll probably be wearing his lucky vintage curling sweater. The patch on the shoulder reads "Vincit Qui Se Vincit." Translated, it reads "He Conquers Who Conquers Himself" - a motto he tries to keep in mind on the ice as well as at the negotiation table!

Natalie Wlock

Virtual Facilitation & Technical Support

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