Strategic Planning and Advice

Strategic planning and adaptive management are how organizations address the challenges that they can foresee and respond to the surprises and uncertainties that can undermine their success. Whether it is a single organization or multiple adversaries, strategic planning is a critical part of transforming conflict and adversity into opportunity and solutions. Pacific Resolutions specializes in helping parties to see old problems in new ways; transforming barriers into stepping stones.

Our strategic planning services include: 

  • Assisting Governmental, Non-governmental and Private Sector organizations with the development of strategic plans

  • Design and facilitation of the strategic planning process

  • Preparation of planning documents and plan development materials

  • Design and facilitation of public and stakeholder engagement processes

The following strategic planning services are also available: 

Strategic Issues Management​

  • Facilitation of internal assessment of critical issues

  • Advice/counsel on effective responses to critical issues

Public Policy Development Processes

  • Stakeholder assessment

  • Issue assessment

  • Process design (consultation vs. collaboration vs. consensus-building vs. shared decision making)

  • Process convening

  • Process management and facilitation

  • Consensus building

  • Public participation and outreach

  • Report preparation