Mediation and Facilitation

Pacific Resolutions’ forte is mediation and facilitation of constructive and innovative solutions to seemingly intractable issues. Our systematic and structured approach proceeds through a sequence of critical steps that move all parties from determining whether constructive problem-solving is appropriate and feasible to implementing a mutually beneficial result. Our mediation and facilitation services cover the following steps which can be delivered as a package or individually. 

Pacific Resolutions' mediation and facilitation services include: 

Conflict Assessment

  • Conflict analysis including:

  • Issues that need to be addressed and their negotiability

  • Parties – stakeholder mapping (interests, readiness, capacity, etc.)

  • Policy context – gaps, constraints, etc.

  • Political context – destabilizing factors

  • Identification of process design parameters

Process Design

  • Developing terms of reference, ground rules, workplan, representation models, broader public participation requirements

  • Consulting with participants regarding process design

  • Handling external communications and advising on media relations

  • Preparation of materials for convening


  • Initiating the process

  • Facilitating agreement on the process design

  • Providing training to orient the participants to the process and reinforce an effective interest-based approach

Building Agreement

  • Facilitation of meetings

  • Mediation of difficult issues

  • Shuttle diplomacy

  • Managing a rolling draft

  • Working with parties together and separately (in confidence) to ensure issues, interests and key information is clearly understood and the full range of options is considered.

  • Facilitating public communications and involvement including media relations

  • Assisting with constituency communications and feedback

  • Finalizing agreements – ensuring implementation requirements are addressed

  • Designing ratification processes


  • Facilitating and coordinating ratification processes


  • Facilitating the establishment of implementation mechanisms and processes

  • Assisting with the design of pragmatic monitoring and evaluation systems

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • In addition to designing and implementing collaborative problem solving and negotiation processes, Pacific Resolutions also provides other alternative dispute resolution services including:

  • Assessment and design of alternative dispute resolution systems

  • Arbitration services