International Development and Mediation

The development of effective governance models and institutions internationally is more than an exciting challenge - it's an enormous responsibility. We have found that the key to getting these delicate projects right is clear and strategic communication from the outset. We at Pacific Resolutions have been fortunate to use our legal and governmental know-how as well as our communication and mediation skills to help developing nations create institutions that work. 


For example, Pacific Resolutions has been retained by the UN Department of Political Affairs to mediate discussions between Central Asian States on a framework treaty for transboundary water management. As a result of our work, the states in question have increased their cooperation and are building towards such an agreement. 

Our specific International Development and Mediation services include: 

Conflict Assessment

  • Conflict analysis including:

    • Issues that need to be addressed and their negotiability

    • Parties – stakeholder mapping (interests, readiness, capacity, etc.)

    • Policy context – gaps, constraints, etc.

    • Political context – destabilizing factors

    • Cultural factors

    • Identification of process design parameters

Process Design

  • Developing terms of reference, ground rules, workplan, representation models, broader public participation requirements

  • Consulting with participants regarding process design

  • Handling external communications and advising on media relations

  • Preparation of materials for convening


  • Initiating the process

  • Facilitating agreement on the process design

  • Providing training to orient the participants to the process and reinforce an effective interest-based approach

Building Agreement

  • Facilitation of meetings

  • Mediation of difficult issues

  • Shuttle diplomacy

  • Managing a rolling draft

  • Working with parties together and separately (in confidence) to ensure issues, interests and key information is clearly understood and the full range of options is considered.

  • Facilitating public communications and involvement including media relations

  • Assisting with constituency communications and feedback

  • Finalizing agreements – ensuring implementation requirements are addressed

  • Designing ratification processes


  • Facilitating and coordinating ratification processes


  • Facilitating the establishment of implementation mechanisms and processes

  • Assisting with the design of pragmatic monitoring and evaluation systems

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • In addition to designing and implementing collaborative problem solving and negotiation processes, Pacific Resolutions also provides other alternative dispute resolution services including:

  • Assessment and design of alternative dispute resolution systems

  • Arbitration services