Information Development Processes

Information is a cornerstone of effective and innovative problem-solving. In adversarial circumstances, information is often both the subject of disagreement and a tool used by parties to advance their interests at the expense of another. Developing a common information base can be a powerful means of transforming conflict into collaboration. When information is developed collaboratively by conflicting parties, people stop  questioning the source, credibility, and reliability of the information. With shared and trusted information, parties can spend their time together talking about the substantive issues under dispute. Pacific Resolutions specializes in helping adversaries develop common information resources that they can understand and trust.

Specifically, our process for developing a shared information base involves: 

  • Designing processes to collaboratively develop a common information base in a manner that facilitates consensus on issues;

  • Convening and managing processes to develop a common information base including facilitating decision making, retaining specialists, and engaging peer review;

  • Summarizing technical results for decision-makers and negotiation processes;

  • Communicating and consulting with affected communities and the public.

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