Conservation and Biodiversity

Protection of the environment and the integrity of ecosystems is an increasingly important issue around the world. Climate change is making this even more of a challenge.


Pacific Resolutions has assisted ENGOs, local as well as National Governments, Commercial interests and Indigenous people in finding innovative solutions to the constant tension between conservation and development.

Example: Great Bear Rainforest Negotiations and Implementation 

Pacific Resolutions was engaged by a coalition of forest products companies and environmental NGOs to mediate and facilitate all internal discussions regarding the resolution of the Great Bear Rainforest conflict and support implementation of related agreements reached. In addition, Pacific Resolutions mediated external discussions with governments, First Nations, contractors, labor, communities, and industry regarding land use.


These discussions resulted in a standstill agreement in 1999 (an agreement where the forest companies and ENGOs agreed upon a framework explore solutions to the Great Bear Rainforest Conflict) that was recognized by Time Magazine as the #1 environmental achievement of the year. This agreement served as the foundation for the resolution of the Great Bear Rainforest conflict, namely the Government of British Columbia’s 2006 Coast Land Use Decision, which was subsequently awarded the World Wildlife Fund’s “Gift to the Earth Award” and 2016 Great Bear Rainforest Land Use Order and Great Bear Rainforest (Forest Management) Act, which will conserve 85% of the forest and 70% of old-growth over time.