Climate change is one of the most complex challenges we have ever faced. Governments around the world are struggling to develop legislation that will reduce CO2 emissions and mitigates the effects of climate change without significantly damaging their economic interests and natural resource industries. At Pacific Resolutions, we know how to navigate this difficult challenge and are proud of our work building cooperation between environmental advocates, industry leaders, and government. 

Example: Alberta Climate Leadership Plan

Pacific Resolutions mediated discussions between a number of oil sands companies and environmental 

organizations that led to their aligned support of the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan in November 2016. Following this, Pacific Resolutions was retained to facilitate the Alberta Oil Sands Advisory Group, a multi-stakeholder advisory group established by the Province of Alberta to advise the Alberta government on a

variety of issues associated with oil sands development, the most notable issues associated with implementing

those elements of the Alberta Climate Leadership plan applicable to oil sands development.